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Stylish and affordable LED luminaires for every space

Interact Ready: connected lighting built for success

Connected lighting means that LED lights with integrated sensors are connected to application software. With the Interact Pro dashboard and app, connected lighting is now available to small and medium sized enterprises. It seamlessly works with Philips Interact Ready CoreLine luminaires, MasterConnect LED tubes, sensors and wall switches. From industry, to warehouses, offices and parking garages – it is now possible to make them smarter and more efficient, while generating a whole new stream of business for you.

Stylish and affordable LED luminaires for every space

Philips CoreLine: for every project where light really matters

Whether old or new – optimal lighting can transform a building into something truly special and turn it into a place where people enjoy working and living. Give your customers that “wow” moment with Philips CoreLine: the complete range of high quality LED lighting that’s setting the reference in the market. Because when light really matters, you don’t want to take a chance.

Specialist LED retrofit

Philips Ledinaire: for your everyday lighting jobs

Count on honest, hard-working solutions that deliver what they promise. Get trusted performance and the results you expect with Philips-tested key components. And that for a price that’s on your side! Philips Ledinaire – the essential range of trusted products for everyday lighting jobs that need good performance.

Immediate savings with easy-to-fit tubes

Philips LED tube: Immediate savings with easy-to-fit tubes

Simplicity and ultra-efficiency make Philips LED tubes the quickest and easiest way to upgrade to LED for immediate energy savings over a long and reliable lifetime. Our portfolio of Philips LED tubes covers the widest range of applications, so you can fit the right LED tube light every time. 

The perfect ambience with LED lamps

Philips LED lamps: for the perfect ambience

Philips LED lamps are designed to create beautiful ambiences with a choice of visual effects and dimming possibilities that you can tailor to each application.

Stylish and affordable LED luminaires for every space

Philips TrueForce: the perfect switch from HID to LED

For many customers the prospect of closing their office, building or warehouse for a full scale refit is a daunting one. With these specialist LED retrofit products - installation time can be cut by as much as 90% but your customer can still feel the energy saving benefits.

Lighting Design Support

Lighting Design Support

Whether its winning more projects or improving your lighting designs -  we have a range of tools to help you deliver the best possible results. From TCO calculators, to design support to helpful apps - find it all here. 

Conventional lighting

Conventional lighting

Our conventional portfolio has a proven track record in terms of quality, reliability and value for money. Our broad portfolio consists of different lamp technologies (including halogen, fluorescent, compact fluorescent integrated and non-integrated, compact High Intensity Discharge and High Intensity Discharge, as well as the corresponding luminaires, lighting electronics and starters. 

Be a lighting expert

The Signify Lighting Academy is a learning platform that offers you all relevant educational resources, mainly coming with assessment tests (certificate handouts). Check out our latest trainings that help you become a certified installer in smart lighting.

Commercial training

This pathway focuses on features and benefits of the stand-alone and gateway connected versions. If you want to step into Internet of Things (IOT) aspect, reach out to your Signify sales representative to access the focused training of this version.

Technical training

In this training, you will learn in detail how to get started with the app and how to commission different features of Foundation and Advanced levels.

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