Coreline tempo X-Large

Coreline tempo X-Large, Floodlight, 225 W, 30500 lm, 4000 K, CRI70, DALI, Asymmetrical, IP66

BVP140 LED360-4S 30K6/740 PSD OFA52 D9

Product Description

Floodlight, Aluminum, Grey, Power supply unit with DALI interface, 30500 lm, 225 W, 136 lm/W, 4000 K, (0.38, 0.38) SDCM <5, CRI70, Asymmetrical, Dust penetration-protected, jet-proof, 10 J, Safety class I, Luminaire surge protection level until 6 kV differential mode and 8 kV common mode, Cable 1.0 m with plug Wieland/Adels compatible 3-pole, External connector

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Full order code: 871869987288500