Philips lighting Privacy

At Philips lighting, we take your privacy very seriously.

Personal data protection is a crucial element in the development of all of our products and services. Because successful relationships require mutual trust and shared understanding, we aim for complete transparency in the way that we deal with your personal data.

Respect for your privacy guides the way we choose our business partners, design our products and services, and deal with your personal data. We handle your data according to your preferences and business requirements. Whether you are a consumer, customer, or business partner, Philips lighting ensures that you maintain control over how your data is managed, processed, and stored.

Our Global Privacy Office is committed to managing privacy and data protection regulations across the globe. Our central privacy team guides and supports the entire company to promote the reliable use of personal data and to ensure complete compliance with privacy requirements.

On this website, you can find details on how we handle personal data, answers to your privacy questions, and information on how you can exercise your rights as a consumer and business customers or other individual dealing with Philips lighting.

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